Wondering how CBD is made? It is a very interesting process which does not make the Hemp oil products that you see in the grocery store. You see hemp seed oil sold in grocery stores is the oil extracted from the hemp seeds. It is filled with Omega's and other beneficial healthful compounds. This type of hemp oil does not contain cannabinoids like CBD or THC though. The CBD products that are available are made with a CBD isolate, broad spectrum distillate, or full spectrum distillate which is something different than hemp oil extracted from hemp seeds.


There are different ways to extract CBD from the hemp plant. The GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) way to strip CBD from hemp and probably one of the oldest ways practiced is by soaking the plant in high profile alcohol or in an ethanol solution. The Cannabinoids are drawn out of the plant and suspended into the liquid. Then the product has to be refined and filtered. Another age-old method is to use ice or water vapor to extract cannabinoids from hemp or cannabis. 

Because of advanced technology most companies use CBD that was extracted with the CO2 method which pulls the photochemical from hemp using pressurized carbon dioxide in either a subcritical or supercritical form. Then the extracted cannabinoid has to be stored properly, which will last about a year. At this point the cannabinoids can be made into any variety of products.


3rd party certified independent testing done by an ISO Certified analytical chemistry lab is the most crucial, because some companies do their own testing which is a major conflict of interest. Checking the product label is also another important item to inspect, since many companies do not make their CBD, they white label someone else's product or buy it in bulk to make their own products. There is no quality control on these types of products for their ingredients or manufacturing facilities.

Professional labels containing all the required information is a sign the company is trying to follow good practices and procedures. In 2017 the Journal of the American Medical Association performed a study testing 84 CBD products. Their findings were shocking because 26% of these products tested actually contained lower doses of CBD than was stated on the bottle label. 


The CleanAF CBD process is quite simple. We start with the highest quality Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD. Our CBD is tested at a third-party ISO certified analytical chemistry lab for pesticides, heavy metals and THC content to ensure you are receiving a safe and contaminant free product.

Once the CBD arrives at the CleanAF warehouse a sample is sent to a 3rd party lab to double check for quality. When the quality has been verified it is taken to the mixing room where the product will be mixed and flavored. After the mixing process is done it is once again sent to a 3rd party lab in order to check for product potency. We want to make sure that our labels and packaging are accurate. When potency has been verified, then it is off to our assembly line that is also located in the US.

Once the finished CBD oil reaches the assembly line it is filled, bottled and/or packaged. When the product is completed, it is reviewed by our highly trained quality control specialists. If everything passes approval, then the products are sent off to our distributors and retail stores before reaching you!


Will CBD show up on a drug test is another common question. This depends upon a few variables. First the type of CBD you are taking must be checked, is it hemp or cannabis derived? Cannabis will contain THC and be reported on the lab testing for the product.

If it is a full spectrum or broad spectrum, then it will contain other cannabinoids and depending upon the quality and credibility of the product the THC content can vary. Then there is the type of drug test that needs to be taken into consideration, there are different types of drug tests and people have reported failing these. Purchasing from a reputable company that publishes current 3rd party certified independent lab tests is the major key to obtaining quality products.

Because of so many recent minor cannabinoid discoveries, being a nutraceutical manufacturer like CleanAF CBD and working with hemp derived CBD ingredients to make the highest quality products is so rewarding. We are constantly working on new products to launch, with 2022 being a year of huge expansion for CleanAF CBD. We attribute this massive growth to you the customer combined with the fact we are committed to providing the highest quality CBD products at affordable prices that we stand behind ~ satisfaction guaranteed! Contact us by clicking hereif you have any other questions about how CBD is made.