About CleanAF CBD

About CleanAF CBD

Here at CleanAF CBD, we are striving to bring great tasting, very affordable, and the highest quality CBD vaping products to you. We use only the highest quality Broad-Spectrum CBD Distillate as well as fill and assemble our vapes here in the US.

We understand the difficulty of finding quality and trusted CBD products. Our selection of CBD vapes are made with pure and potent CBD Distillate, sourced from the finest Colorado-grown hemp, and lab-tested for quality.

With CleanAF CBD, we guarantee you the cleanest and highest quality CBD on the market. 

CleanAF CBD is the
Brand You Can Trust 

You Deserve the Best CBD On the Market

By choosing CleanAF CBD, you can be sure you are paying a fair price, for a fantastic product that is filled in the USA and created by long-time cannabis connoisseurs.

Whenever you have about CBD, Hemp, CBD Vaping, or anything else please shoot us a message via our social network channels or send us an email - It’s called customer service for a reason!

Why Choose CleanAF CBD?

Extracted With Precision

We source all of our Broad-Spectrum Hemp CBD Distillate from the most reputable hemp growers and extractors that follow the strictest quality control standards being an essential part of our team. 

Broad Spectrum
CBD Distillate

With CleanAF CBD, you can embrace the benefits of all the active cannabinoids found in the Hemp plant, without the potential side effects of THC. THC is not detected in 3rd party lab tests; they are deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Third-Party Lab Tested
for Potency & Purity

Know that your CBD vapes are free of contaminants. All of our CBD products are tested in Third-Party laboratories for:

  • Heavy Metals
  • Residual Pesticides
  • Residual Solvents
  • Microbial Impurities
  • Cannabinoid Content

We guarantee the cleanest and most contaminant-free CBD vaping products.

Don’t Settle for Less
Go CleanAF CBD

You are not a statistic or just another customer on a spreadsheet. You are an individual who has been seeking a healthier life, and you have decided to put your trust in us. We have the utmost respect for that, which is why we will be happy to take care of you, from more than just a business perspective.

Your satisfaction is our top priority, so whenever you may have any questions, concerns, or doubts, we encourage you to reach out, we are happy to help you in any way that we can.

Browse our selection of the best CBD vaping products on the market and take the final step in acquiring the CLEANest CBD in the game!