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When you are searching for a CBD disposable vape pen in the Midland and Odessa area of Texas check for the quality and company credibility because the FDA has found many fake products being marketed under false labeling. Buying from a local shop can be risky because it is very difficult to verify the quality of the CBD and there are no return policies on these products. 


CleanAF CBD was formed to remedy this problem by offering consumers a superior vape product that they stand behind. Always check the current lab test results and online reviews of the company. Of course, there will be problems with these small electronic devices from time to time, however, there are companies that have constant complaints that are never addressed with the consumer. These types of companies are to be avoided. CleanAF CBD has support people that are ready to satisfy customers.


Online searching for quality CBD vape products have risen showing that the many local products being offered are not what the public is looking for. Consistent quality that you can count on is the type of disposable CBD vape pens that CleanAF CBD creates under the strictest quality control measures. The FDA actually tested a multitude of the CBD products on the market finding labeling was erroneous with less CBD in the product and sometimes no CBD was even found in the product so beware and use a reputable company with a support team.


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The most well-known cannabinoids out of the over 130 cannabinoids that have been discovered include CBD and THC, with THC taking center stage for many decades. CBD is finally gaining popularity and moving into the mainstream marketplace being available in many different local retail stores. HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol), CBN (Cannabinol), CBC (Cannabichromene), and CBG (Cannabigerol) are also getting some focus lately. HHC exhibits psychoactive properties and is legal in most US states. CleanAF CBD was the first to bring HHC to market setting the standards for testing. You can get the new Baked HHC products by clicking here.


The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp products because they fall under the .3% THC federal legal limit to be sold outside of medical marijuana dispensaries. Because CBD extracted from hemp is categorized as a health supplement and not a medical product it has no regulations so there have been many companies that care only about profit take advantage of these new laws marketing very low-quality products with no customer service. The Odessa Midland Texas area has been affected by this wave of unverifiable CBD products so use caution when purchasing a product that you cannot confirm the quality and company credibility.


It is good to choose a company that has high customer service values like the mission that CleanAF CBD is on building a group of CBD consumers that demand the best in both products and customer service.




Both Sativex and Epidiolex use CBD as the active ingredient and are being prescribed by physicians proving the medical and health benefits that are being discovered when using CBD. Epidiolex hit the market gaining FDA approval in 2018 for medical conditions such as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, Dravet syndrome, or tuberous sclerosis complex - TSC. In other countries outside the US Sativex is being prescribed to cancer sufferers for pain control and also people suffering from muscle spasticity caused from having multiple sclerosis.




By testing many CBD products comparing the amount of CBD in the product to the label the FDA found that a lot of the products had labels stating more CBD was in the product than there really was. The FDA even found that some CBD products contained no CBD at all even though the label showed that it did contain CBD. These fake products are difficult to tell from quality at a local shop because it is a quick purchase with no return policy. It is best to do some research and read reviews on both the company and the products they are marketing to be able to make an informed purchase because these fake CBD products are becoming a problem for Odessa and Midland residents looking to purchase quality CBD disposable vape pens that have a company who will stand behind them. 


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These online searches show that there are a lot of people looking for CBD disposable vape pens in the Odessa and Midland Texas and surrounding areas. Use caution because of the FDA findings showing the great number of fake CBD products being marketed. Check credibility of the company with posted reviews, make sure 3rd party independent lab reports are easy to view, and above all use a company that backs their product like CLeanAF CBD so you can use CBD disposable vape pens risk free.


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Odessa Midland and surrounding cities and towns are in counties that include Midland County, Ector County, and Crane County with zip codes of 79706, 79707, 79761, 79762, 79763, 79764, 79765, and 79766. The close cities and towns surrounding Odessa and Midland are Crane, Gardendale, Goldsmith, Monahans, Thorntonville, and West Odessa. If you live in any of these counties, zip codes, cities or towns and have been searching for a CBD disposable vape pen that you can count on time after time then just click the button to get yours now.




If you are looking for some help quitting the smoking cigarette habit, there are some techniques that people use successfully to help them ease the transition to a cigarette free lifestyle. People in the Midland Odessa area can find help in local groups to support you in your journey to stop smoking. Cutting down on your cigarette intake every day until you are not smoking any cigarettes is also another good tactic. This makes the nicotine withdrawal process much less. Coupling this strategy with the use of a quality CBD disposable vape pen can really help you reach your stop smoking goals quicker because you get a calm feeling when vaping CBD. You also get that hand to mouth inhaling experience that is so enjoyable when smoking cigarettes. One advantage is there is a wide variety of flavors to choose from in CBD disposable vape pens. 


CleanAF CBD has CBD disposable 100 mg and 500 mg vape pens that are available in flavors including Nerdz, Strawberry Banana, Kiwi Strawberry, Hawaiian Limeade, Purple Punch, Minty Fresh, Citrus Splash, Fuji Apple, Tuttie Frutti, Sour Blue Razz, Cotton Candy, Peach Ice, Watermelon Ice, Fruity Colada, and Mango.


Nicotine has such a highly addictive nature which makes it very hard to quit smoking cigarettes, especially for people that have had the cigarette smoking habit for a long time which is most people that choose to quit smoking. There are some good reasons to quit that include better health, more energy, and even more money because cigarettes have gotten very expensive. A strategy some people use is to allocate some of the money you save for treats to make your stop smoking efforts easier to handle. If you get new treats often that will give you motivation to continue your journey to quit smoking.



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