How To Fix A Disposable Vape That Won’t Hit

If you are visiting this page because you received a faulty CleanAF CBD Disposable Vape please reach out to us via the Contact Us page so we can make it right!
In the meantime however, let’s make sure we can get that CleanAF CBD Disposable Vape working for you!

Step 1:
With a pair of tweezers press between the black mouth piece and the metal outer tube. Once a slight space is formed push up on the mouth piece and it should easily come out.
Step 2:
With your tweezers remove the cotton piece and you will find a rubber piece. Here is where the issue lies.
Now if this rubber nipple is not inserted into the vape properly it will cause a blockage of airflow preventing the vape from hitting.
(Attached photos show the difference, you want to see a block hole)
Step 3:
If your vape does not appear to have any blockage and there is a black hole, then unfortunately it’s a bad battery. BUT, if your vape looks blocked like in the above picture than use your tweezers to pull it out.
Step 4:
Once you have removed the rubber nipple it is time to put the vape back together!
The easiest way is to hold the rubber nipple in your hands and line up the nipple part with the center hole inside the vape.
Once you have the 2 lined up, gently push the rubber piece in.
Step 5:
Once the rubber nipple is pushed back in you want to make sure that there is no blockage. If you look down the hole in the rubber nipple it should look like this. If it does not, then pull out and re-insert.
Step 6:
Once you know the rubber nipple is inserted properly, place your cotton piece back inside and then place the black mouth piece on top of that… and then… PUSH!
And there you have it, you successfully fixed your disposable device instead of tossing it
And there you have it! Your disposable vape should now work like a champ!! If you have any questions please let us know!