Our Process

Our process is quite simple. We start with the highest quality Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD from Mile High Labs out of Colorado. Our CBD is tested for pesticides, heavy metals and THC content to ensure you are receiving a safe and contaminant free product.

Once the CBD arrives at our warehouse a sample is sent to a 3rd party lab to double check for quality. Once the quality has been verified it is taken to our mixing room where the product will be mixed and flavored. Once the mixing process is done it is once again sent to a 3rd party lab in order to check for product potency. We want to make sure that our labels and packaging are accurate. Once potency has been verified it is off to our assembly line, also located in the US.

Once our finished CBD oil reaches the assembly line it is filled, bottled and/or packaged. Once the product is completed it is reviewed by our highly trained quality control specialists. If everything passes approval then the products are sent off to our distributors and retail stores before reaching you!