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CBD disposable vape pens are being purchased in record numbers on the CleanAF CBD site. This is happening because of a couple of different factors, the first is due to the fact that searches for the finest CBD disposable vapes are rising fast. The next is because of CleanAF CBD’s high level of customer service and product quality.


CleanAF CBD disposable vapes are also available in some San Francisco vape stores and smoke shops and vape stores. Store owners are also buying from CleanAF CBD because they want to stop disappointing customers with low grade CBD disposable vape pens plus, they are also tired of losing money buying fake products that cannot even be sold.


Regulation in the CBD market is non-existent allowing fake products to flood the San Francisco market. CleanAF CBD is in business for the long haul establishing a loyal customer base of people that demand the very best CBD products and service.


Consumers can keep from buying these frauds by doing some research to avoid spending money on fake CBD products. Confirming the company and product credibility by reading reviews and the customer service policies are a good way to check company credibility. 


CleanAF CBD has thousands of testimonials posted by verified customers about their experience with CleanAF CBD disposable vape pens. There are also a lot of reveiws on Instagram plus some YouTube video reviews posted by customers that love CleanAF CBD products. 



When the FDA ran lab tests on a lot of the CBD items presently being marketed, these disturbing test results were discovered. The laboratory tests showed that many of the CBD in the items did not match the labels, so San Francisco local residents need to read the item laboratory tests to verify the product quality.


It is hard to distinguish these phony CBD products when purchasing them in a local smoke shop or vape stores from high quality CBD products, which explains the high need that is rising for good quality CBD disposable vapes. 


The demand for CleanAF CBD disposable vape pens has increased so much because of their high quality that the 500mg MAX pens keep selling out along with most flavors in the 100mg size. The CleanAF CBD team works continually trying to keep up with the quickly growing demand from consumers, retail stores and distributors for the CleanAF CBD disposable vape pens. Make sure you buy plenty when there is a CleanAF CBD discount offered because when you return to purchase more CleanAF CBD disposable vape pens your favorite flavor may be sold out.


Fake and low-quality cheap disposable CBD vape pens are being sold all over the San Francisco and surrounding areas which can be easily seen by doing a quick Google search for “fix a disposable vape pen". Click the button below to try a quality CleanAF CBD disposable vape pen.


CleanAF CBD was established to provide customers with an option to get quality CBD disposable vapes. CleanAF CBD is the real deal among a world of fakes! CleanAF CBD has support ready to rapidly manage any concern so their clients will remain pleased and return for more CBD disposable vapes that they can recommend to ote. You can depend on CleanAF CBD disposable vape items due to the fact that their rigorous quality control measures are paired with superior customer assistance to deal with any problems that do arise.




Cannabinoids that are the most sought after are THC and CBD. Cannabidiol, CBD, is finally getting a lot more research attention by the scientific and medical field. Newly discovered cannabinoids that are also getting some research study include CBG (Cannabigerol), CBC (Cannabichromene), HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol), and CBN (Cannabinol).


The first HHC on the market came from the makers of CleanAF CBD. By being the first to test and release HHC, CleanAF CBD created very high HHC lab test requirements for other HHC brands trying to enter the market. To go to the new website with these HHC disposable vape pens and cartridges click here. HHC does show some psychoactive properties and is available to be sold in states where there are no marijuana dispensaries which now offers consumers a legal choice. This HHC can be shipped to people in most US states because it is taken from hemp and has less than the .3% THC which is the federal legal THC limit.




People suffering from Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, Dravet syndrome, or tuberous sclerosis complex - TSC diseases can now get CBD based prescriptions from their doctor. One of these drugs is the CBD-based medication Epidiolex. This medication was authorized by the FDA in 2018. Sativex is available in other countries to people that need cancer pain relief or muscle spasticity triggered by having multiple sclerosis. 




It will be even harder to stop smoking if your cigarette smoking habit has been going on for a long time. Many people in the San Francisco area stop smoking cigarettes to save a lot of cash or just want better health like more energy and easier breathing than when you smoked cigarettes.


Keeping track of the cigarettes you smoke on your calendar, reducing them every day till you are not smoking any longer can help you stop smoking. Lots of people supplement this method with vaping a CBD disposable vape pen. Vaping CBD can fulfill the pleasurable smoking experience. 


There are also San Francisco quit smoking support groups that have other people to talk with who are going through the exact same experiences while they quit smoking. Nicotine gum or patches may help if you still want nicotine.


CleanAF CBD sells 2 different size CBD disposable vape pens. These Disposable CBD vape pens can be purchased in different flavors that include Kiwi Strawberry, Nerdz, Strawberry Banana, Purple Punch, Hawaiian Limeade, Minty Fresh, Fuji Apple, Citrus Splash, Tuttie Frutti, Sour Blue Razz, Fruity Colada, Cotton Candy, Peach Ice, Mango, and Watermelon Ice.


Join the other people in San Francisco that are using the CleanAF CBD disposable vape pens to help ease their stop smoking journey. Try disposable CBD vapes risk free by clicking the button now.



The San Francisco citizens along with the people in the surrounding towns and cities are doing a lot more online looking for "CBD disposable vapes near me" due to the fact that it is so challenging to find quality CBD disposable vape pens in the San Francisco smoke shops and vape stores. Read verified reviews from a trustworthy business plus laboratory tests on the CleanAF CBD website to confirm the high quality.


If you reside in San Francisco or surrounding areas and desire to belong to a group of CBD consumers that require the best CBD disposable vape pens then just click the button to try a quality CBD vape pen risk free.




San Francisco consists of 27 zip codes in San Francisco County. The population of San Francisco according to the latest census counts is 874,961 people, or 2.23% of the total California population.


The following zip codes in San Francisco and surrounding areas include 94010, 94011, 94102, 94103, 94104, 94105, 94107, 94108, 94109, 94110, 94111, 94112, 94114, 94115, 94116, 94117, 94118, 94121, 94122, 94123, 94124, 94127, 94129, 94130, 94131, 94132, 94133, 94134, 94158.


If you live in any of these zip codes, cities, or towns around the San Francisco Bay area in California and are searching for top quality CBD disposable vape pens, click the button below to get yours now.


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